Terms & Conditions

The person who makes the booking must be over 21 years old and accepts these conditions on behalf of all members of the party and is responsible for all payment due from the party.  By submitting a booking you confirm to us that you have read these Terms & Conditions and agree to comply with them.

1. A non-refundable deposit payment is required to confirm a booking.   If the booking is made within 14 days of the date of arrival then full payment is required immediately.  Booking confirmation together with directions and other relevant information will be sent by e-mail or by post. Changes to a confirmed booking will incur an administration charge of Euro 50.  Where an initial deposit is paid, the balance must be paid within 14  days of the holiday commencement date.  If the balance is not paid by the due date we will assume the booking has been cancelled by the client.

1.  Cancellations:  If you need to cancel your holiday, please notify us immediately.   If a reservation cancellation is made within 14 days of the holiday commencement date, no refund will be made.  Any losses incurred for rental costs will be covered by your Travel Insurance and we supply the necessary documentation on request to support such a claim.  Travel Insurance is essential and we strongly advise clients have adequate Travel Insurance to cover all party members.                                                  

3. We, Algarve Villas Luz Ltd., reserve the right to alter the booking arrangements in the event of unforeseen circumstances.  If a cancellation is made by us the reservation payments received from the client will be refunded, but all travel arrangements and costs are entirely the responsibility of the client.

4.  We, Algarve Villas Luz Ltd., will not be liable for any losses, damage, personal injury, illness or death however incurred to clients or any third party during their stay. We can accept no responsibility whatsoever for client's vehicles or personal property during their stay. Travel Insurance is essential and we strongly advise clients have adequate Travel Insurance to cover all party members.

5.  Algarve Villas Luz Ltd. acts solely as booking agents and we make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of descriptions and information provided about the quality and facilities in the properties and it is possible that an advertised facility may be withdrawn or changed for maintenance, repairs or any other reason for which we are not responsible.   Any photographs on the website are intended to give an impression only, and we cannot be held responsible for any changes made to furniture, decor or style of a property after the images have been published on our website.

6. We, Algarve Villas Luz Ltd., cannot be held responsible for any temporary defect or malfunction of any appliance, equipment or machinery in the building, grounds or swimming pool, nor can we be held responsible for the defect, malfunction or reception of satellite television or internet service. 

7.  We, Algarve Villas Luz Ltd., will not be held responsible for any disturbance caused by building works in the local area. If we become aware of any building work in the vicinity of a property booked we will inform you of this as soon as possible and alternative accommodation will be offered where possible.

8.  The clients will keep the property and all furniture and fittings in the same state of repair as at the commencement of their stay, and will leave the property in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found on arrival. Any damage to the property, its contents and equipment must be reported to the property manager and paid for by the client/renter to the property manager or owner at a cost of repair or replacement of the damaged items.  For properties which require a Security Deposit, this will be returned to the client one week after your holiday, provided there are no issues or damages to the property during the letting.

9.  Occupancy and use of the premises will not be such as to disturb or offend neighbours, in which case we reserve the right to terminate the holiday booking immediately, and no refund will be due, or costs for alternative accommodation will be paid.

10.  The property rental is strictly for the number of people agreed at the time of booking and we have the right to terminate the rental without prior notice and without refund or compensation if the numbers are exceeded.

11.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that children are never left unattended in the vicinity of the pool and on balconies, and that all reasonable measures of care are taken to ensure the safety of members of the party.

12.  If you have cause to complain or have a problem with any aspect of the accommodation during your stay, you should immediately contact the property manager who will endeavour to resolve your complaint/problem as soon as possible to your full satisfaction.  Written complaints must be made to us as letting agents within 7 days of the end of the rental period.  Any complaint not reported to us as letting agents at the time the problem occurs, but only reported after the renters' departure, will not be considered valid. 

13.  Any disputes will be decided under the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

14. Pets are Not Accepted.

15. No Smoking in the interior of the property, in line with European Laws.

16. At the beginning of the holiday access to the property will be after 3 pm on arrival day to allow time for cleaning and servicing, and the property must be vacated before 10 am on departure day.