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Useful Info & Numbers

We hope these numbers are helpful, but if you have any questions, please let us know.

Emergency for Police, Ambulance and Fire:

Dial 112 from any phone (free) 

Police (GNR) in Lagos  

Tel (00351) 282 762 809      

Doctor/Medical Contacts

Lagos Health Centre (00351) 282 780 000 

Lagos Hospital          (00351) 282 770 100 


Luz Tur Commercial Centre near Baptista Supermarket. Tel (00351) 282 789 793 

Harmony Earth, near Baptista Supermarket for Health Foods, Supplements and Health Products 



Rua 25 de Abril in Luz 

Tel (00351) 282 788 820   Mobile (00351) 931 921 165 

Post Office (Correio)

On the main street in Luz

(Rua Direita)   

(00351) 282 762 408 

Taxi Service

(00351) 282 460 610

(00351) 919 756 118

(00351) 918 092 590

Driving in Portugal
    • Always carry your car documents, driving licence and passport
    • Seatbelts should always be worn
    • Children under 13 may not travel in the front seat
    • Booster seats/baby seats must always be used when supplied with the vehicle
    • Drinking and driving is prohibited

Drinking and Driving can result in confiscation of the offender’s driving licence.


The two main supermarkets in Luz are Baptista and Spar.  Grocery delivery possible.


Open   Winter: 9am – 8pm       Summer: 9am – 10pm

Tel (00351) 282 789 231


Tap water is normally safe to drink. At peak times there may be pressure drops, which can result in the water heater not working.  At times there can be occasional water cuts for limited periods.

Bottled water is widely available.  Agua con gas = sparkling water   Agua sin gas = still water


The voltage in Portugal is the same as for the rest of Europe: 220 volts.  Plugs are 2-pin round.

Swimming Pool & Pool Safety

When you arrive at the property please take time to become familiar with the pool and outside area.

If using suntan oil, please shower before using the pool to avoid oils blocking the filtration system.

Safety: Please always remember that swimming pools represent a potential danger, especially for children, and to ensure that children are never left unattended in or near the pool area.


All insects, particularly ants, flies and beetles are attracted to all things sweet.  To avoid problems, it is advisable to keep sweet things like jam and soft drinks in the fridge, clean up floor spills, discard deteriorating pieces of fruit, and put into the dishwasher or hand wash.  Insecticides are widely available in supermarkets.  Please contact the property manager if you need help.

Ants = formigas   Wasp = vespa   Bee = abelia    Fly = mosca   Mosquito = mosquito

Wi Fi

Most properties have Wi Fi nowadays.  The signal in the area is good.  Wi Fi connection details for each property are in the information folder in the individual properties.


There is a no-smoking policy in the properties and smokers are asked to smoke outside the building.  This is in accordance with the public policies in most other European countries.